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How do I look for a new job during a pandemic?


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After a months-long interview process, I officially joined Kairos as People & Operations Manager in January of 2020 (truly a lifetime ago!). How did I get here? Well, I applied to Kairos on LinkedIn with a resume that I had also sent to 65 other companies, plus another 30 after Kairos (yeah, I’m that person). The process was long and unlike anything I’d been through before. I share this to say, there’s no magic bullet for job hunting and interviewing but here are four things that will help:

Make your resume sound like you

The resumes that stand out to me are the ones that sound like a human being wrote them not a Microsoft Office template robot. Some companies prefer a basic, black and white resume, others will be into something more colorful. Frankly, the company’s “Team” page will tell you everything you need to know. Do they have fun creative headshots like Humaan or are they all buttoned up in front of a sky blue background? (The latter probably loves a black and white resume).

Reach out to the employer directly

You should definitely still submit your application through the employer’s LinkedIn job posting or recruiting site, but you’ll stand out by taking it one step further. There’s almost always a contact email listed on a company’s site—shoot over a note telling them what you applied for and that you’re eager to hear back (attach your resume while you’re at it).

Really want to get noticed? Contact someone on their HR/People team via Linked In. If you look at their team page, the head of people or the head of recruiting is likely listed there so you’ll know who to look up. It’ll show you went the extra mile to actually find their employees.

Really listen to your interviewer

During one interview for Kairos, I was so nervous about my next canned response that I forgot to listen to what the person interviewing me was saying (yikes!). It resulted in me having to do a lot of research in between interviews on my own instead of just getting the answers straight from the people who work there.

Think beyond the job title

My experience made me well suited for the open role at Kairos but in second and third interviews I also had discussions about the other things I was looking to do in my next role. In the end, I completely shifted the original job description to fit both Kairos’ needs and mine. I’d say it’s worked out so far! If you’re passionate about a company’s mission and are vibing with the team, ask about how you could tailor this role to for everyone’s benefit.

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