How do I negotiate a higher salary?

Everyone wants to make more money. One of the “easier” ways to do this (compared to yet another side hustle) is to earn more money at what you’re already doing. But you can’t just walk into your boss’ office blasting “B!#%$ Better Have My Money”(fun to imagine though). You’re gonna have to negotiate. And let’s […]

My company has a 401(k) plan, how much money should I put into it?

You got your first big grownup job and you get offered a 401(k). Sweet! But what does this weird number/letter combo actually mean? And how should you use it? A 401(k) is a retirement plan that is offered by your employer. You can contribute money to it and in some cases, your employer might even […]

What should I look for when opening a checking and a savings account?

You’ve probably heard of people who’ve hoarded cash under their mattress or have it stashed away in secret hiding places. Unless you’re a pirate looking for buried treasure, this isn’t a good thing. Why? Cash can get lost, stolen, and you don’t earn any interest. That’s why you need checking and savings accounts. The basics […]

How much money should I save in my emergency fund?

If you’re trying to get your finances together and dive into any reading on personal finance you’re bound to see one term over and over again: emergency fund (EF). The emergency fund is one of the basic building blocks of creating a solid financial foundation. It’s basically a fund where you keep money for, you […]

How do I get health insurance if I’m a freelancer or have a part-time job?

Freelancing and part-time work offer freedom the 9-5 grind can’t. But that extra flexibility comes with some extra responsibilities like finding your own health insurance. As tempting as it is to knock on wood and hope your green smoothies keep you out of the doctor’s office, you need health insurance to be prepared for the […]

What is the 50-30-20 rule and is it the best way to budget?

The 50-30-20 rule is a pretty well known budgeting framework developed by Elizabeth Warren (yeah, the former presidential candidate and Kate McKinnon muse!) in her 2006 bestseller, All Your Worth. This rule of thumb has stuck around for more than a decade because it’s simple. To use it, you take the amount of money you […]

What do I need to know when looking for a health insurance policy?

Choosing the right health insurance plan really boils down to dollar signs and access. You need to find a plan that is both affordable and usable for you (and your family if you have one). To get off on the right foot you’re gonna need to know some basic terms to compare health insurance plans […]

How do a credit scores work and why are they important?

Think of a credit score as a GPA for your finances. It’s one number that can either open doors, or be the reason that your financial life stagnates. Your credit score is made up of five different pieces: Payment history: 35% The most important part of a credit score is your payment history, or whether […]

What are the basics I need to know about doing my own taxes?

When you make any money, Uncle Sam is that annoying family member always asking for a cut. It’s annoying that the government takes our money. But that money is used to help offset costs and funds programs like Medicaid, Social Security, and national security and defense (though I’m sure we all have opinions about where […]

How do I prioritize paying off different types of debt?

If there’s one thing that sticks around longer than your annoying ex, it’s debt. Always pestering you when you just want to move on with your life, amirite? Unfortunately, if you want to get your financial life together you need to dump your debt (ugh). You might have student loans for a degree you’re not […]

How does buying a house work?

Okay, so you’ve read enough threads on Reddit, poured over comments on real estate FB groups, and talked to your friends and therapist about it. You’re ready to get serious about buying a home. So how exactly does one go about buying a house? Let’s dig in: Buying a house isn’t as simple as online […]

How much of my take-home pay should go towards my rent if I live in a big city?

Living in a bustling, large city certainly has its perks—quality, gourmet coffee at practically any corner, culture, arts, interesting folks from all walks of life, ditching former versions of yourself by simply uprooting to a new neighborhood, for starters. And while the pandemic has curtailed some of these perks for the time being, you still […]

What is the best way to pay for large purchases?

What’s the best way to buy a big-ticket item like a new iPhone or a pricey piece of furniture? Get it financed? Do a payment plan? Or save up, one bit at a time? Here’s how to decide: First, note the urgency factor. Probably the most important thing to consider is how quickly you need […]

How do I know if it’s better for me to rent or buy?

Ah, adulting. For our parents, growing up might’ve meant getting hitched, having 2.5 kids, and buying a home with a spacious yard and white picket fence. Being a proud homeowner, after all, was part of the American Dream. But these days, being a grown-up doesn’t necessarily mean buying a home. As many of us are […]

Should I live with my parents to save money?

When you’re an adult, having to move back in with your folks can be a major buzzkill. You want to be independent, ditch the parent-child dynamic, and do what you want. That said, living at home can save you tons of money. Whether you’re currently living with your parents or considering a move back home, […]

How do I look for a new job during a pandemic?

After a months-long interview process, I officially joined Kairos as People & Operations Manager in January of 2020 (truly a lifetime ago!). How did I get here? Well, I applied to Kairos on LinkedIn with a resume that I had also sent to 65 other companies, plus another 30 after Kairos (yeah, I’m that person). […]

When do I need to get life insurance?

The straight-up answer to when you should buy life insurance is when there are people relying on your income. This is going to get a little dark, but if your death would affect someone’s finances, then you need to buy life insurance. For example, if you have a spouse and two kids and you’re the […]

How do I take care of my mental health while figuring out my finances?

Let’s face it, adulting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are bills, more bills, student loan debt, and wages that won’t budge that barely cover the cost of living. All of these things can take a major toll on your mental health. Of course, your relationships, family, health, are all major factors, too. […]