How do I negotiate a higher salary?

Everyone wants to make more money. One of the “easier” ways to do this (compared to yet another side hustle) is to earn more money at what you’re already doing. But you can’t just walk into your boss’ office blasting “B!#%$ Better Have My Money”(fun to imagine though). You’re gonna have to negotiate. And let’s […]

What is the 50-30-20 rule and is it the best way to budget?

The 50-30-20 rule is a pretty well known budgeting framework developed by Elizabeth Warren (yeah, the former presidential candidate and Kate McKinnon muse!) in her 2006 bestseller, All Your Worth. This rule of thumb has stuck around for more than a decade because it’s simple. To use it, you take the amount of money you […]

Marc Weinstein on Better Social Media Health

Ciara FaceTimes tech + wellness expert Marc Weinstein to figure out how the fuck to get our social media obsession back in balance.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kairos HQ (@kairoshq)

Should I live with my parents to save money?

When you’re an adult, having to move back in with your folks can be a major buzzkill. You want to be independent, ditch the parent-child dynamic, and do what you want. That said, living at home can save you tons of money. Whether you’re currently living with your parents or considering a move back home, […]

How do I look for a new job during a pandemic?

After a months-long interview process, I officially joined Kairos as People & Operations Manager in January of 2020 (truly a lifetime ago!). How did I get here? Well, I applied to Kairos on LinkedIn with a resume that I had also sent to 65 other companies, plus another 30 after Kairos (yeah, I’m that person). […]

Dr. Michael Gervais on Sanity & Purpose

Alex interviews Dr. Michael Gervais, the leading high performance psychologist, on the science of stress and how we can stay focused amidst the chaos. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kairos HQ (@kairoshq)