Fulfilling basic
needs should
be basic

Our reason for being
The Problem

We've been set up to fail.

what's really going on

Let’s paint a picture

We’re the first generation that is projected to do worse than our parents financially. We graduate from college with thousands of dollars of debt. We rent an apartment that requires an arm and a leg in upfront costs. We try to start a family without the savings or knowledge to keep them healthy. We think about buying a home, but realize it's completely out of reach. And just like that, you realize the system has set you up to fail. Basically, we’re stuck in financial purgatory.

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Who we are

We believe life should be simple and affordable. And we’re on a mission to get it there.

Our Team

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, activists, and creators dedicated to building a better future for our generation. We believe life should be simple and affordable. And we’re on a mission to get it there through this studio.

Ankur Jain

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Alex Fiance

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Zoe Oz

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Bloomer


Ciara O'Sullivan

People & Operations Manager

Joyce Ok

Financial Strategy

Mary Martha Stasinopoulos

Head of Consumer Insights

Cyrus Ferguson

Content Manager

Andrew Wang

Chair of Investment Committee

Angela Vranich

Operating Partner, Little Spoon

Anne Fulenwider

Operating Partner, Alloy

Ben Lantos

Operating Partner, Rhino

Ben Lewis

Operating Partner, Little Spoon

Ben Marathappu

Operating Partner, Cera

Bryan Woods

Operating Partner, Rhino

Lisa Barnett

Operating Partner, Little Spoon

Michelle Muller

Operating Partner, Little Spoon

Monica Molenaar

Operating Partner, Alloy

Paraag Sarva

Operating Partner, Rhino

Sarah Baker

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Eddy Kleinhans

General Counsel

Sylvan Gu

Content Manager, Video

Our Advisors

We work with a team of badass experts from healthcare to government to media.

Bobbi Brown

Founder, Bobbi Brown

David Carey

Hearst Corporation Senior Vice President of Public Affairs

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Host, Dr. Oz Show

Mark Thompson

CEO, New York Times

Marta Fox

Founder, Centro Fox

Roger Goodell

Commissioner, National Football League

Ronan Dunne

President, Verizon Wireless

Vicente Fox

Former President of Mexico

Omar Sultan Al Olama

Minster for AI, United Arab Emirates