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We build and back companies where outdated industries and governments have failed to meet our community’s needs. Our primary focus is on addressing the major life stages where people are being financially squeezed: 1) Graduating with Loans 2) Working in Cities 3) Having a Child 4) Losing a Job and 5) Entering Retirement.

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Access to Housing / New York City, U.S.A.

Residenz makes housing in urban areas more affordable. By combining the benefits of private space with the costs of co-living, Residenz provides studios in the heart of the city for a reasonable price.


Access to Elderly Care / London, U.K.

Cera offers a personalized home-care solution to the aging population, allowing elderly people to live where they are most comfortable and happy. Avoiding the high costs of constant in-home care and the uncertainty of the nursing home experience, Cera addresses both the medical and emotional needs of the aging population.

Little Spoon

Access to a personalized nutrition plan for your baby

Most popular store-bought baby food has been sitting on the shelf longer than the baby eating it has been alive. Little Spoon helps parents provide their children with fresh food by offering a nutritional plan optimized for their baby’s needs. By creating carefully researched blends optimized for the crucial years of a child’s growth, parents can feel confident that their babies are receiving the essential building blocks for proper development.

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