Our Mission

We believe the brightest young minds have the potential to innovate in areas where old industries and governments have failed.

As a first step, we work tirelessly alongside our community to tap our world’s future leaders and immerse them in a network of like-minded peers (the Kairos Fellowship).

When a young innovator takes the leap to build a company, we have a stage for them to share their venture with the world (the Kairos 50). And when a company starts to break out, we put our money where our mouth is with funding (Kairos Fund).

We’re addicted to potential and obsess over the things that will make the future. The Talent. The Ideas. The Businesses. The constant exploration of what could be.

Problems Worth Solving

We pinpointed specific problems worth solving by addressing critical life stages where traditional industries and governments have failed to provide for our communities:

  • Graduating w/ Loans
  • Working in Cities
  • Having a Child
  • Losing Your Job
  • Post-retirement
Graduating with Loans

Before even starting their careers, our youth are already saddled with immense debt. And current lending models require them to start paying it back while they’re still on low starting-salaries. Can we create new models to reduce debt payments as a portion of income?

In Cities

Our youth are being hit as they move to cities and try to afford housing. The median rent is now over 50% of post-tax income in major cities around the world. Can we create new models of living or housing to reduce this cost?

a Child

Being a new parent puts even further burdens on your finances, especially as one of the parents often needs to leave the workforce. How can we help parents give their babies quality care without needing to spend a fortune or leaving the workforce to stay at home?

Your Job

With the typical American having less than $5k in savings, losing your job can be devastating at a time when you’re saddled with daily expenses. As new technology automates more and more middle class jobs, can we make sure people land on their feet and have a clear path to re-employment?


People today can’t afford to retire and grow old. The typical savings for someone in their 50s is only $8,000. Yet as you get older, healthcare costs alone can cost hundreds / week. As a result, people either end up in the hospital or being uprooted and placed in care homes. Can we reduce the financial burden of growing old in the comfort of your own home?

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Our Approach

In order to identify problems worth solving, we ask the following questions:

  1. What consumer needs are not being met by outdated or broken industries?
  2. Who are these consumers? What actually matters to them?
  3. What are the current incumbent options for consumers? Why are current incumbent options not addressing the underlying consumer need?
  4. What do consumers do instead?
  5. What broader changes in consumer behavior or the macro economy have made this a recent market failure?

Recent Standouts from the Community

Periscope Acquired by Twitter
FiscalNote Recent $10mm Series C
Owlet Wearable thermometer for infants; $15mm Series A
Verse $20.5mm Series B
Freenome Recent $65mm Series A
Casper $170mm Series C
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companies Since 2012


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Our History

Nine years ago, Kairos was founded around the question, "What if the world’s most influential leaders were friends 20 years ago, working together to tackle some of the biggest problems worldwide?"

By connecting the next generation of founders across the globe to one another, to industry experts and to seed capital, we’ve spent nearly a decade encouraging & enabling young entrepreneurs to focus on problems worth solving. These founders have, together, gone on on to found companies such as Freenome, FiscalNote, Periscope, Digital Genius, Vital Vio and Nanoly, and collectively have raised over $600mm to push industries forward.

Today, Kairos is about identifying these market failures and investing time & money in the founders who are out to solve them.